Saturday, July 12, 2008

Current research

Recent and current research

Sap flux patterns and transpiration in a bur oak savanna undergoing woody encroachment and restoration in Central Iowa

Vertical root biomass in the cloud forest belt under regeneration, reforestation, and old growth conditions

1. Relationships between net radiation, vapor pressure deficit and sapflow velocity patterns in 9 cloud forest tree species from
Eastern Mexico.
2. Effect of land use, aspect, season, and microclimete on sapflow and transpiration in the Mexican Eastern Sierra Madre cloud forest.
3. Effect of land use change on stand-structure-related variables and sapwood and leaf area.
4. Allometric relationships between stem diameter and sapwood and leaf area in 9
9 cloud forest tree species from Eastern Mexico.
5. Comparing sapflow measurement methods in cloud forest tree species.
6. Is nocturnal transpiration occurring in
cloud forest tree species from Eastern Mexico?

Microclimate, transpiration and streamflow in Eastern Mexico cloud forests.

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